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Nurture with Nature Workshop

The stress of the last year has been a LOT to take, and many of us (like me!) are finding solace in nature. So you deserve a little something to de-stress, alleviate your anxiety symptoms, and just relax. Join us for an evening of aromatherapy, mindfulness practices and community at RVN Wellness, Port Moody's newest yoga and wellness studio.

My amazing aromatherapist and alchemist friend, Justin, and I are cooking up a workshop to bring the outdoors in with soothing scents and potent mindfulness practices. We will borrow the calm of the rain, the ocean, the earth, and its plants to learn tools you can take home and use in those overwhelmingly stressful moments.

Justin is mixing up a custom blend of essential oils to evoke serenity and relaxation that we will not only use in the workshop, you will also take home a 5ml roller. Scents are powerfully connected with memory, and pairing a calming experience with specific scents will allow you to recreate a calm space again and again from home.

You will learn mindfulness practices to deepen your self-awareness, regulate your emotions, and recognize when you need a little extra care. And we all need a little of that recently!

Give yourself a treat as winter turns to spring and we prepare to welcome in this new season.

Bring nature inside to sooth your mind and body.

See you there!


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